10th Annual Conference of the UK Wastewater Network

10th Annual Conference of the UK Wastewater Network

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The 10th Conference of the UK Wastewater Network took place on the 29th of November 2022 at Cranfield University. After two years of online events, we were very pleased to welcome back so many delegates in-person.

The conference was the tenth of an annual series addressing innovative treatment options for wastewater treatment and provided many opportunities for our attendees to learn about the latest challenges and innovations for wastewater treatment at current and longer term and interact on the topic with scientists and researchers from wastewater companies and leading global academic institutions.

Our 2022 programme included talks from:

  • Jelena Radjenovic, Research Professor, ICREA, Spain. On: Nanotechnology-enabled water and wastewater treatment strategies: main achievements of the ELECTRON4WATER project (Keynote).
  • Alastair Chisholm, Director of Policy at the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management, UK. On: River water quality and storm overflows: A systems-approach to maximising improvement (Keynote).
  • Bruce Jefferson, Professor of Water Science and Technology, Cranfield Water Science Institute, UK. Extending desludging frequencies of septic tanks through effective baffling.
  • Josh Walton, Electrical engineer, Galliford Try, UK. On: Carbon Footprint Sankey Diagrams of Sewage Treatment Flowsheets.
  • Jasmeet Lota, Process Engineer, Wholesale Wastewater Operations, Thames Water. On: What is a BOD event?
  • Anjani Parsotamo, Technical Support Engineer, Warden Biomedia, UK & Ana Soares, Professor of Biotechnology Engineering, Cranfield University, UK. On: Novel media for moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR) to remove nutrients from municipal wastewater. 
  • Paul Lavender, Director Water Utilities (UK)· Royal Haskoning DHV, UK. On:  Achieving Net Zero – Monitoring and Mitigating Process Emissions from Wastewater Treatment.
  • Julian Okoye, Storm Overflow Engagement Manager, Wessex Water, UK. On: Taking action now – Wessex Water’s storm overflow improvement plan.
  • Ajay Nair, Global Director of Commercial & Technical Strategy, Microvi, UK. Innovative water and wastewater treatment using novel biocatalysts to deliver process intensification and circular economy benefits.

The conference also included for the first time a session dedicated to Early Career Researchers and sponsored by the UK IWA committee. The session consisting of 7 flash presentations (5 min) featured the following speakers:

  • Siqi Xu, PhD Student, Cranfield University, UK. Pyrolysis of sewage sludge as an adaptable platform for resource recovery – a review of valorisation options.
  • Pinelopi Savvidou, PhD Student, Cranfield University, UK. Modelling the fate of micropollutants during wastewater treatment: status and challenges.
  • Natalie Lamb, National Water Industry Account Manager, QCL, UK. SENTRY: Using Real Time Microbial Performance Monitoring for Energy Optimisation in Wastewater Treatment.
  • Eleonora Paissoni, PhD student, Cranfield University, UK. Understanding the role of cold adaptation of seed sludge in UASB reactors for municipal wastewater treatment.
  • Andy Freeman, Project Scientist, ARM Group Ltd, UK. The use of Constructed Wetland – Nature Based Solutions (NBS) to mitigate water quality impacts of Combined Sewer Overflows.
  • Ayisha Affo Souleymane, MSc by Research Student, Cranfield University, UK. Solid-phase denitrification for tertiary nitrate removal from Municipal wastewater.
  • Ehizuelen Imafidon, PhD student, Cranfield University, UK. Evaluation of the impact of chemical choice on the performance of coagulation for phosphorus removal from municipal wastewater to very low levels.

Eleonora Paissoni was announced as the winner of our 2022 Prize for best flash presentation for her work on ‘Understanding the role of cold adaptation of seed sludge in UASB reactors for municipal wastewater treatment’.

For more information about our annual conferences, please contact the UK Water and Wastewater Networks manager, Kristell Le Corre Pidou, at: k.s.lecorrepidou@cranfield.ac.uk

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