Severn Trent Adopts South African Method of Treating Wastewater

Severn Trent Adopts South African Method of Treating Wastewater

June 18, 2024 News 0

The water company, Severn Trent, has been operational for over 50 years and is always looking for new innovative methods for waste treatment. This search in the 1990’s led them to South Africa where they learnt of a biological way of removing phosphorous from wastewater and brought it to the UK in the 2000’s.

Phosphorous from wastewater was removed using biological nutrient removal (BNR), which is a process of using bugs to consume the phosphorous as much as possible. Large amounts of phosphorous leads to algal blooms and restricts the growth of water species and other dependent wildlife.

Severn Trent have since then been extensively using BNR for phosphorous removal and has built the very first treatment works that focus solely on BNR. They have adapted this treatment method across their other sites as well such as Milcote Sewage Treatment Works in Stratford upon Avon and Derby Sewage Treatment Works, becoming leaders in phosphorous removal.

Learn more about Severn Trent’s quest for new innovations here:–bugs–transformed-how-sewage-waste/


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