16th Annual Conference of the UK Water Network

16th Annual Conference of the UK Water Network

June 28, 2023 Uncategorized 0

The 16th Conference of the UK Water Network took place on the 14 June 2023 at Cranfield University.

This conference was the sixteenth in an annual series focusing on drinking water production, from source to tap. Attendees of the conference had the opportunity to get the latest information on water treatment and supply and interacted on the topic with scientists and researchers from water companies and leading global academic institutions.

Our 2023 programme included talks from:

  • Marcus Rink, Chief Inspector of Drinking Water, Drinking Water Inspectorate, UK. On: Do Drinking Water Regulators Dream about Regulation or Risk? (Keynote).
  • Oliver Grievson, Chair of the IWA Digital Water Programme, UK. On: Stories of Digital Transformation in the Water Industry (Keynote).
  • Suniti Singh, Research Fellow in Drinking Water Microbiology, Cranfield University, UK. Using Somatic Coliphages for Catchment Appraisal and Operational Monitoring in UK Drinking Water Treatment Works.
  • Jeanette Sheldon, Water Quality Manager, Jersey Water. On: PFAS – a Jersey Water Perspective.
  • Riken Mistry, Process Engineer, Stantec. On: The development of Southern Water’s drought resilience solution in Hampshire.
  • Tom Bond, The University of Surrey, UK. On: Disinfection by-products: an unresolved public health mystery.
  • Frances Pick, Research Associate, University of Sheffield, UK. On:  Assimilable Organic Carbon within Drinking Water Distribution Systems.

The conference also included our now traditional session dedicated to Early Career Researchers and sponsored by the UK IWA committee. The session consisting of 5 flash presentations (5 min) featured the following speakers:

  • Mark Hunter, PhD Researcher, University of Liverpool, UK. Antibacterial Surface Coatings Containing Cu-Doped Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles.
  • Polly Grundy, PhD Researcher, Cranfield University, UK. Investigating the Chemistry of Brominated Disinfection By-Product Formation.
  • Tianhao Du, PhD Researcher, University College London, UK. Remediation For Acid Mine Drainage by The Combination of Biochar and Indigenous Algae.
  • Charlie Whitelegg, PhD Researcher, University of Sheffield, UK. Calibration of viscoelastic parameters for transient modelling in pipelines with unknown faults.
  • Lucie Bertolaso, PhD Researcher, Cranfield University, UK. Impact of ozone and hydroxyl radicals on the adsorbability of micropollutants and natural organic matter.

Lucie Bertolaso was announced as the winner of our 2023 Prize for best flash presentation for her work on ‘Impact of ozone and hydroxyl radicals on the adsorbability of micropollutants and natural organic matter’.

For more information about our annual conferences, please contact the UK Water and Wastewater Networks manager, Kristell Le Corre Pidou, at: k.s.lecorrepidou@cranfield.ac.uk

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